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How would you handle this situation?

From: Jared - 5 years 30 weeks ago

Hi, I had my blood tested a year ago and my TSH 89. I have had symptoms for several years though. My doctor started me on levo and my tests were every 3 months were 20 then 18 then back up to 55. Its been a year and my doctor just increased my dose to 75 mcg then two weeks after another increase to 100 mcg. I asked to see a specialist since it jad been a year with basically the same problems.
So a couple days ago I see this specialist (Dr. Deborah K. Murray) and she feels my throat real quick and says I have hashimotos. I asked what she thought about an antibodies test and she says it doesn't matter why I have hypothuroidism. She seemed irritated that I asked and says sarcastically, "Ill do the test. You have great insurance. Im glad my tax dollars can pay for these tests". At that point I got up and walked out.
After years of chronic pain and fatigue I was hoping for a thorough exam from a specialist but I really think
I am at wits end that this doctor profiled me as low income and then was hesitant about testing for antibodies because of the tax implications. The only other endo that I can see is an hour away. Any suggestions about any of this? Thanks

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