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Sick on the first day of my period

From: sarahjohnson98 - 5 years 31 weeks ago

I've been battling thyroid issues for a year and a half now. I'm 17. I was on Synthroid with no success, and for the past eight months, I've been on Nature Throid. Recently, everything finally seemed to get better. I rarely have bad days. However, every single month, when my period comes, everything hits the fan. I always get my period with extremely light bleeding at night, and it comes full force in the morning. I wake up with painful menstrual cramps, and I feel terrible. No matter how healthy I was the day before, on the first actual day of my period, it's as if I was back to the way I was before starting medication. I've been considering going to an OBGYN, but I definitely want to talk to others first. Does this happen to you? Do you know anything that could cause this? Or fix this?

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