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Help understanding lab values.

From: brenderc - 3 years 39 weeks ago

I have been hypo for 25 years (dx w/hasimoto). January I had a month long cold, and after it went away, the extreme exhaustion remained. my PC did tsh, found it low and changed synthroid. from 150mcg qod alternating with 75 mcg daily to 125 mcg qd. he also put me on prozac since he felt like I may be depressed (which I'm not, but willing to try anything at this point. I asked for endocrinology referral. He examined and said changing to Armour Thyroid would help. The blood work follows: this is prior to changing to Armour

FT3 - 3.5 pg/ml
FT4 - 1.47 ng/dl
TPO - <6 IU/ml
anti-Tg - <1.0 IU/ml
TSH 0.091 uIU/ml

I started armour 5 days ago, the first day taking it, my exhaustion was gone, but I have a little jitteriness. It frightened me a litle that it made such a big change that quick. Historically, when I started therapy and any time a change was necessary, it took weeks to feel a difference. I don't understand the values and the change in symptoms.

Does anyone have the same experience? I am waiting to hear from my Dr to explain what is going on. Am I crazy?

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