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Alarming TFT's

From: logansmom7402 - 3 years 27 weeks ago

In 2008 my husband's TSH level was high @ 14, free t3 and t4 were in normal range. He was asymptomatic, put on synthroid for 1 month, TSH went down to 9, and he stopped synthroid and that was it. The whole time, no symptoms. 3 months ago, he began feeling so bad, I made him go to Dr. I was in shock when his test results came back. TSH was 63, t3 & t4 very low, and his testosterone was 147. He was put back on synthroid, and a sleep study determined Severe OSA, which is suspect in his low Test. After 1 month on meds, TSH is still severely high, but lower, @ 32. What is really scaring me though, it his thyroid anti-bodies TPO is a high normal @ 32, and his TgAb is 74. And, ironically, his LDL in insane at 202. He's 6'1, exercised daily, was 185-195# until all this started, quit smoking after Christmas this year. Anyone experienced these numbers???? Is it unreasonable assume the thyroid should be removed? It doesn't seem to be doing anything it's supposed to, his body is obviously attacking it.

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