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Living with Hoshimoto's

From: itsmededi - 3 years 43 weeks ago

I am a 47 year old female who was diagnosed nearly 22 years ago. I had no idea what this disease would entail. I read over a list of 25 symptoms and I had 21 of them! I had no idea that there were so many things that I had going on and they were related! I have had a Dr for 3 years treating me and I think he is clueless as well! We are trying to treat each symptom as its own problem when its all related! Crazy! There really is not enough information out there. I thought (per my Dr's over the last 22 yrs) that I would feel tired and gain weight....... That,s it!! BOY were they wrong! I mean yes I have days when I can hardly drag myself out of bed because I am exhausted sure but no one told me I would catch nearly every cold or sickness anyone has! That I would be sick more times in a year than well!? I would have sinus infections many times a year that last a month, my hair would fall out, my joints and muscles would ache, I would have migraines! I had not a clue all of these were related to the disease! Finding other women who have had the same kinds of symptoms really helped me to see I wasn't going through this alone and its not just in my head!

I would love to hear some stories of things that you may have found helpful for our disease and its awful symptoms. I have been researching and have found they are suggesting we eat Paleo? Please give me your input!


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