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Low FT4?/normal tsh/very low ferritin

From: shanlynw - 5 years 24 weeks ago

I have felt horrible for over a year and gained approximately 25lbs in a 3 month span. The weight has stopped piling on but I still feel fatigued, sore, cold and just plain BLAH!

I finally got my Dr. to order labwork.
My Ferritin came back as 3 ug/L (11-307ug/L)
My TSH was 1.89 mIU/L (0.34-5.60 mIU/L)
FT4 - 8 pmol/L (8-21 pmol/L)
She did not do a FT3

She started me on ferrous gluconate because my iron stores are obviously low but because my thyroid fell between this labs reference ranges, she didn't seem concerned.
I work in a Dr. office and the lab we use has a reference range of 10-21 pmol/L for FT4.

She is attributing all of my symptoms to my low iron. My hemoglobin was normal but several of my other CBC values were off including MCH and MCV, which would again, confirm the iron deficiency.

Should I push for further testing of FT3 and a repeat of my FT4? I've been on the iron for a few weeks and have felt no difference.

Any similar experience? Should I find someone to give a second opinion? she has been my family Dr. for over a decade and I want to trust her judgement but still feel like there is more to it.

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Thank you for sharing this. I've got the same problems. Also a too low ferritin, a normal TSH and a too low or low-normal FT4. The iron in my blood was measured also too low, but my Hb was normal. I can be very very tired, cold hands and feet (my hands can be so cold it is impossible to write), lack of energy, lethargic. I also have some menstrual problems, visual problems and a slow heart rate (42 bpm). I am not sure, if a low ferritin is causing all of this. But my plan is to take some iron to get my iron stores (ferritin) above 50. I will see again if i am still tired and cold. It can take a long time to have these stores refilled again, also depending on blood loss. (If you are a woman, your menstrual loss. And in this case it would be wise to do a blood test short after your period to have a good idea about your ferritin.) And of course if you test your Hb or iron you don't want the results being effected by taking iron supplements. So need to quit taking those for a few days before testing your blood.

I wonder how you feel now?