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Skin break outs

From: kimosaby - 4 years 51 weeks ago

I just joined this site, and have so many issues or symptoms of Hypothyroidism that I will just spread it out for other discussions.

I had been diagnosed with Lupus in 2003. Rheumatoid and Sjogrens in 2005, and Hypothyroidism a couple of years ago.

I have noticed for years now that I get these breakouts on my chest, upper arms and shoulders sometimes that take forever to heal. On my upper arms especially I have noticed even the smallest breakouts take months upon months to heal and most of the time I am left with scars. Does anyone else have this skin issue as a hypothyroidism symptom, or do you think it just might be a lupus related symptom?

I want to start making a list of all the hypothyroidism symptoms to bring to the doctor's attention.


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