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Hashimoto's and No Answers

From: amberlysanders - 3 years 8 weeks ago

Is it just me or doctors truly don't care if you die tomorrow? I had my first Hashimoto's flair up back in November and well the joy of being still in it is fantastic. If someone can first point me in the right direction I would ever be grateful. The symptoms I'm having are strange. Medically my white blood cells are always high, lympocytes are high, and vitamin D extremely low. I don't know about calcium levels or pth yet. Had a ultrasound and my thyroid was inflamed and parathyroids (3 out of 4) are swollen. My aunt got diagnosed with parathyroidism, and gave me a tip. I'm not overweight 5'4" and 124 lbs (now I lost 5 lbs so far and on my way of losing more). Beyond medical my hair is coarse, I'm losing weight, I can't sleep, my voice goes in and out, my hair is falling out, I ache everyone, and I can't focus or remember things. Plus I have sharp pains in my head. I want to cry everyday (and I never do) and I feel like all I want to do is sleep but I can't or have crazy dreams. Also, my throat hurts and its hard to swallow. Does anyone have a doctor they can recommend in CO who is actually good? I live near Boulder and well these doctors kinda are terrible. Maybe I got spoiled growing up in Chesapeake, Va. I just need answers...and solutions. Thank you!

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I would recommend Red River Health and Wellness. There are four centers, St. George Utah, South Jordan, Utah, Albuquerque New Mexico, and Scottsdale, Arizona. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in Feb. 2015 and they have really helped me. I learned about them through someone else who has gone through their treatment program. They deal with patients all over the U.S. through phone interviews, so, I believe for the most part, travel should not be a big issue. Hope this helps.

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