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Convinced I have Thyroid problem, but normal tests.

From: SickofbeingSick - 3 years 46 weeks ago

I am hoping to find answers talking to an endocrinologist or anyone going through what I'm experiencing. I am extremely frustrated and sick. It's started with mainly fatigue, then swelling and painful hands, wrists and feet. Even my lips have swelled and felt like someone punched me in my mouth. I then became lethargic. I thought I was about to get a virus. Nothing. Night sweats sometimes.I became dizzy, fuzzy brained, slurry speech, and almost felt like I was going unconscious at times. I one time almost called the ambulance decorating for christmas. Then my daughter fed me three smore's and I purked up immediately. My eyes have been bothering me. Blurry, painful. I can't go number 2. I look 6-8 months pregnant. I went to the walk-in clinic twice. Blood work came back normal for TSH and blood sugar, lyme, diabetes all came back normal. My cholesterol was a bit high. Then that same week I woke up with a throbbing pain under my ear and throat area. I couldn't sleep bc of it. I thought, maybe Im getting an ear infection. So I go to my PC and no ear or throat problems they can see. Nor did they feel any nodules. She did more blood work and tested for free t4 and free t3 and it came back normal. 3 days ago, I started getting a scratchy raspy voice. I somewhat sound like a man today. At work today, I shot out of my seat anxious, sweating and shaking like crazy. I felt like I was gonna throw up if I didn't eat something. Then after I ate I crashed. I'm 36 and usually walk away when my blood work comes back normal, but there is def something going on inside of me. I'm convinced it's my thyroid, but can't get a referral to an endo. They gave me a referal to a ears, nose and throat. I'm sure they will do an ultrasound. I will keep going back until they figure out what is wrong with me. My friends and family are even seeing me go downhill and notice the swelling, fatigue and raspy voice. Idk what to do. It's scaring me.

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Hi there I thought I would just put my two pence worth in the mix . I was much the same as you apart from the swelling . I had a virus , lasted for weeks eventually went but left me with pain and discomfort in right side of throat neck jaw and ear . All my blood tests came back normal but I knew I had a thyroid problem . I was told for years nothing wrong with thyroid and I struggled on with the most awful symptoms a long story but I eventually had a thyroid ultrasound results were very small inflamed and definitely thyroiditis of some kind !!! Look up " de quervains thyroiditis this is the only illness connected to the thyroid that I have researched that , has the neck, jaw, teeth and ear pain together with many nasty symptom very similar to hashimotos disease !!! I don't be like me and just struggle for years 19 to be exact doctors make mistakes and seem to go only by blood tests thyroid disease is one of the most misdiagnosed illnesses all these years later I have been told I have and had hashi but because of the neck jaw ear pain which has been continuous from 1995 I still think I probably have. Chronic de quervains thyroiditis but endos and doctors don't like to hear your opinions ! I would advise you to try and talk it over with your g p good luck jay


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Did you test for mono?

Is this good advice?

What is this concept of mono..? I don't have idea about it.

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