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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 14 (Im 21 this year) and I have taken synthroid/levothyroxine since the diagnosis. In those years I lost 65lbs but gained it back and became very depressed on the medication. To add to all of this I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS this year. I am back at my starting weight and I have constant constipation since starting synthroid so about a month ago I decided to stop using it. Since I went off of all my medications (synthroid, metformin, phentermine(Used for two months)) I feel SO much better, I am no longer constipated and I actually am losing weight now without a problem. My question is, has that happened to anyone? I will be seeing my doctor in a month to make sure im okay but I do not want to take synthroid anymore as it causes too much trouble for me and I do not think my doctor will prescribe armour. any opinions or experiences would be more than welcome!

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Did they do a radioactive trace when they tested you for hypothyroidism? If not I would ask that they do so. Also when you take synthroid you need to do your research on when to take it and what to take it with.