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Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos and hypoglycemia

From: sabbyrene - 3 years 30 weeks ago

I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Hypothyroidism and hashimotos disease. I have been told in the past few years that I show signs of becoming insulin rejective, but they have not treated me for it. My thyroid levels are hard to keep last test showed my TSH level at 99. I have already had a partial thyroidectomy due to nodules. The last few weeks, I have had new symptoms develope. In addition to my usual thyroid/hashimotos symptoms, I have a new list of symptoms that have onset. I wake up in the morning extremely weak and shaky. I feel "scatterbrained" a lot. The weakness and shakiness goes away if I eat and drink something, but is short lived. I am always hungry and very thirsty....and seem to have to eat every three hours to keep my energy up and avoid becoming shaky. I pee constantly. The symptoms onset even faster if I am being physically active. A friend had me test my blood sugar with his meter several times throughout the day yesterday, and the readings varied from 49-353 depending on whether I had just eaten or not. They would jump or drop as much as 30-40 points in hour. I wanted to know if these are indeed signs of hypoglycemia, and if anyone knows what if any correlation there is between that and my hypothyroidism and hashimotos. Also, I have high blood pressure and am wondering if this can affect that as well. I will have a new Physician next month when my new insurance kicks in, but until then because of where I live the only medical treatment option I have is the emergency room. Can this be considered a medical emergency, and if so at what point in my symptoms do I seek medical attention immediately? Thanks!

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