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Don't think my endo has a clue.

From: ynotmike - 7 years 31 weeks ago

I am sitting at the computer in a daze as my stim test came back at 15 and was told I need a brain MRI and making too many red blood cells so back to being leeched as my hematologist has to take 3 pints out and throw them away in a two week period. I was back from adrenal insufficiency and have hashis in december 2013 as all my labs were great and then a spiral back down to being a dunce of a human waste product.
My adrenals were at the magic 26 for a year and my anxiety started creeping up so I was sent to Shrink over and over again even out of town as my endo overruled me coming off of my antidepressant and the shrink fired me. My endo won't do anything other then tests as he wants me to see shrink and i don't want to go through this again and rightfully so.
The man scared the hell out of me and thinks i can just take it as he dishes it out ie my endo with DX after DX and then nothing as I still waiting for any of what he told me to happen and back on HC and no support whatsoever and cannot ad more thyroid at this time and i have been stress dose after stress dose and my world is getting smaller by the minute.
I am praying I don't wake up as the depression and anxiety of just life stressors are overbearing and i have set myself in my bedroom not wanting to approach life anymore.
I don't know why I need all the rest and the verdict is still out if i have a tumor or not as nothing is done fast in and endos world and damn if they will lose sleep over it.
I cannot take on what i don't know of and in a month of complete stress as no one takes hashimotos seriously I went from 1.6 to 6 in a month adrenals dropped to 15 after 1 hour stim and I me made the DX way before he would listen and now a shrink is uncalled for it is a medical condition now, trust me been to the ER wanting to get sent away and they wrote me more klonopin and sent me on my way.
I started going to sleep on feb 28th and not knowing how I got there curled up in the bed with pain radiating all over my body and on 30 HC a day thinking it would get me up I took more to be put on my butt from it.
I had to go into pain so bad that even 6 mg percocet wasn't touching it and three muscle relaxers all in a matter of a few hours and was still in neck and back pain while going to my stim test and couldn't breath from taking such a heavy dose of all of that he put me on Hydrocortisone and the pain elevated almost instantaneously from the first dose. so who needs the shrink me or him??? PS anyone out there am i sick or is this all just me???

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