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Hashimotos Thyroiditis

From: shellryan12 - 7 years 42 weeks ago

Hello,, Im Shelley, 47yrs old and finally after a couple of years of ongoing ultrasounds, blood tests and now finally a Doctor that thought a test on my Antibodies might show something, and it did, i know get told that i have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I am looking forward to talking to all others out there in regards to this disease. I have been on Oroxine for many years now with the doses being upped every now and then. I am now taking 200mcg each morning. I have tired stages where all of a sudden i could drop to sleep where i stand.. I have times where i am freezing and can not get warm... i get teary alot more now .... i sit for a short time and when i get up i feel like ive been hit by a bus... my legs feel heavy and tired. Sore throat constantly... difficulty swallowing and sometimes breathless. Recent ultrasound states enlarged thyroid... with multinodular goitre with three prominent nodules which look fine. Calcification on left lower lobe. Interested in hearing from others to see how they cope.. some days its just a real struggle to get going....look forward to hearing from people with same experiences...

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Hi Shelley,
I am 67 years old and live in France.
I've been suffering from tiredness for about 2 years now and have just seen a thyroid doctor here. My TSH is 2.2 (normal) but he also did thyroid antibodies which were elevated. My ultrasound showed nodules, some of which are calcified. The thyroid is quite enlarged. I have not yet had a consultation to discuss the results but it looks to me like thyroiditis. I am wondering if I will get any treatment, as I am fed up with feeling half alive. When I saw the doctor he said treatment, if any, was not urgent. But it is to me! Every day that goes past is half wasted, as sometimes I can barely get up off the sofa, and I can go to sleep just about anywhere. It sounds as though you are in a similar situation. Let me know how you are getting on - I can certainly relate to your woes, as I have most of them too. Bon courage, as they stay to me here!