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Trouble sleeping and losing weight with suppressed TSH

From: lynd - 8 years 18 weeks ago

I had TT and RAI for stage 4 pap Oct 2010 and all my scans and bloods have been good. TG level is going down as i also have hashi, so i make antibodies. I was started for the first 3mths after treatment on 150 Thyroxine daily, but was so hyped up and getting lots of heart palps my endo lowered the dose to 150 x 3 times a week and 125 4 times a week. My last bloods Dec, 2012 suppressed TSH with T4 in mid range. Even on my lowered dose i still find it hard to lose the weight i put on after surgery and find sleeping a problem. My endo doesn't think its due to being suppressed, but what else could it be as its been going on for 2 yrs. I also always feel hot and sometimes my hands get the shakes, but not every day. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms being suppressed?

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