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Synthroid to Armour amounts

From: mudduck31 - 5 years 40 weeks ago

I have hypothyroidism and have been on synthroid (levothyroxine) for the past 3 years with no results except weight gain, hair loss, etc. I finally have a doctor that is willing to prescribe armour and I picked up my new prescription today. I am a little nervous with taking it as I am not sure if he started me on the correct dose? I was on 125 mcg and bumped up to 137 about 5 days ago before getting my armour prescription of 120 mg today. From what I have read - you should start on a lower dose and gradually brought up every couple of weeks - or is this advice for people that haven't been on anything and are starting armour from scratch? I just don't want any adverse reaction. Thank you. Angela

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