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Adrenal problems

From: KathrynKa - 5 years 44 weeks ago

I am wondering if anyone else has these adrenal issues. I have had issues with my sodium and potassium levels for over 6 years now, I have tried so many times to get help from Doctors and they just say nothing is wrong, live with it! I know that my adrenals are not working right at all now. I am experiencing that I can't seem to have the least amount of sodium and it makes me feel scarey. My water levels are messed up, go to the bathroom more than normal and I am not taken in that much water. Trying to keep all my electrolytes in balance is my life! So stressful, I never feel right, can't drink any alcohol or caffeine, no herbal anything it all dehydrates me. Any help?

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I know where ur coming from. Ive been 11 yrs with not much help.They don't know whats wrong or don't listen. I read that sometimes Adrenel problems r sometimes mistaken for hypothyroid. Have u ever heard of this? When I take thyr meds its worse. I found I have to be my own Dr for the most part-they don't know what we r feeling. I take allergy meds to get me thru those horrible times. I think a gluten free does help. I was headed to the bath a lot to for awhile. Have u had ur surgar checked?

Is this good advice?

My Dr told me to take 50billion cell Probioptic 1 pill a day
It does help me. I have to read whats is in them-I can only tak Bifidous bacterium-asodopholous or any other im allergic to. But maybe ur not
Good luck Still searching for answers myself

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