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thyroiditis or Hashimoto's

From: nickiogir - 5 years 11 weeks ago

i am not seeing a specialist because they are so over worked. my PCM is awesome but i am not sure she truly knows what is really going on. my ultrasound findings was this:
right lobe measures 4.6 x 1.5 x 1.6 cm with mild heterogeneous echotexture, left lobe measures 3.4 x 1.3 x 1.6 cm with . Mild increased vascularity.
everything i read points to Hashimotos and she is telling me it is thyroiditis. blood work points to an overactive thyroid but my body has all the signs poitning to hypothyroidism. any ideas on how to proceed or what i should be doing. i am taking medicine for hypothyroidism but she lowered my dosage. so confused and want a straight answer other than i think, or maybe it is this!

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Write down all your symptoms. Sometimes when your Dr is super busy, they hear you but they seem to only hear part of what you are telling them. If she still believes as she does and you still question it, get a second opinion from a diagnostitian (DO).

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i am in the military and sometimes you just get what they give you. i cant see the specialist because "they are over worked" so i am just putting feelers out there to see if anyone might have had the same thing or any ideas. thanks for the reply!

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You can go for second opinion. You should not keep any doubts in mind related to your health. It is always better to act than to suffer.

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Why don't you try and discuss this with your doctor? May be you will find some way out.

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