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From: rap - 5 years 52 weeks ago

I've been reading through some of these postings I'm very confused and scared. I had breast cancer a couple years ago. Went through chemo and radiation. I had terrible anxiety and depression and weight loss. My hair was growing back great and I was an avid exerciser before and during the cancer but lost my stamina and endurance. A chiropractor sent some blood samples out to a lab in Cal. and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's which my primary care doc confirmed after I told her what the chiropractor found out. They assumed that being I had hashimoto's I was hypothyroid but I wasn't losing any hair or gaining any weight in fact I was losing weight which I was happy about. My only symptoms were depression and severe anxiety. I tried to control everything through diet and exercise but the depression and anxiety were so bad I ended up in the hospital on the psych ward. They put me on levothyroxine and I started to lose my hair and gain alot of weight. I gained 25 lbs. in 2 mo. My anxiety and panic attacks got really bad and they started giving me ECT treatments which didn't help. My weight continues to rise..I had to cut my hair real short the panic attacks are just as bad. I've slowly been weaning myself off the levothyroxine and am starting to take the Armour thyroid again for I tried that before. I've been reading that some of you take selenium. What is the reason for this and what effects does it have on the body? Just curious. I just don't feel I'm getting the help I need and now I may go to the Mayo clinic because of all my health issues. All I want to be is healthy just like the rest of you. I'm tired of the struggling with drs that don't listen and I have proven wrong a couple times. I don't know who to believe anymore. I've got so many issues. But please tell me about the selenium taken with the armour thyroid med.


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I am taking high levels of selenium as part of a protocol to cure prostate cancer and so far it is working. I found your post during a search for adverse affects of selenium. From the descriptions you gave of your symptoms and the according to the research I have been doing I would highly suggest a selenium supplement. You can start with 200 micrograms a day and after a few days go to 400 micrograms. When your symptoms improve drop back to 200 micrograms and continue to take this in your daily regiment of supplements.


Is this good advice?

So does Selenium work for anxiety and panic attacks? I have them and someone told me it helped. But mine is Bio E with Selenium with 1,600 MG of Lecithin so was wondering if u could help me if it worked or what? Thanks!

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