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Hashimoto - Hypothyroidism - Unusual reverse symptoms

From: Apple - 2 years 15 weeks ago

1. I'm on eltroxin 25 mcg. Age - 23 yrs old
2. I have hashimoto(Hypo), I weigh 56kg since the last 7 years
3. Have increased the quantity of food consumption, number of times, intervals also, but it doesn't seem to increase my weight even by 500 grams, since several years. My growth is stuck up.

Generally people put on weight in hypo and hashimoto, but it seems to be the reverse in my case. Could any one advice what can be wrong.

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It's more that people have a hard time losing weight with Hashimotos hypothyroitis. Not everyone with Hashimotos has the symptoms. Some may only have a couple or none at all. If you're very worried talk to your endocrinologist.

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Exactly, people have hard time loosing weight. But my weight is stuck up since 7 years, I haven't put on even by few gram even after drinking whey protein, feasting on eggs, milk etc. Have tried all, it is just stuck up. My doctor says that it is good I'm not putting weight, but this itself is a problem to me.

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Hi Apple,

It definitely is concerning that you have not gained at all. People often forget about those who are underweight. It could be a toxin issue, a nutrient deficiency issue or something else. However, your body needs to find balance and right now it does not sound like it is feeling balanced. I use a specific vitamin to increase weight, with success beginning in just one week after taking it! I know your original post was from 2 years ago, so not sure if you will get this. If so, reach out to me at or 302-307-2701 for help!

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