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Multiple Endocrine Deficencies and Emotional Lability

From: wisemind - 7 years 37 weeks ago


I have multiple endocrine deficiencies which were being supplemented for a few years up until a couple of years ago. For some reason when I had psychological problems the doctors decided to eliminate two of the supplements which I was taking to normalize my endocrine levels.

Although I have low thyroid, low testosterone and low human growth hormone, according to a leading endocrinologist in the city where I live, I do not have hypopituitarism.

In my research I have not as yet been able to determine whether endocrine deficiencies can account for emotional lability. What research has been done on this topic?

Secondly, should I be attempting to find an endocrinologist who will treat my endocrine deficiencies?


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I wonder how you are doing. I just saw your message and felt so bad for you. I am both a person with multiple endocrine deficiencies and a retired mental health clinician. so I can tell you that, from my experience, just the deficiencies alone can cause emotional lability; I tend to think that getting the hormones replaced is what people need. I am not a physician, but I do not think that taking you off the supplements in response to emotional lability was wise. That response seems to be without reason. At any rate, I do hope that you have found someone else to prescribe your medications. You have a better idea than anyone else of what you need; it is always important to make a valiant attempt, at least, to get one's needs met!

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