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From: kathy.hearing - 8 years 46 weeks ago

PLEASE someone share with me the experience they have with Methimazole, is this just in my head? I have forgot to take it and wondered why I felt good all day and not sleepy, I have also gained so much weight, I want to just stop taking it. I started 30 mg a year ago, am now at 5mg. Doctors love to help the pharmicutical companies get rich so I was wondering is my doctor keeping me on this, my levels are normal and I am just so tired of being tired and gaining weight.

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I have been on Methimazole for over a year as well for having "graves disease/hyperthyroid." I too, have gained 30 lbs since being on Methimazole. Every time i get lab work done, the dose changes & just when my levels are normal, my dr still keeps me on the pills. Recently, my levels are low but the dr still wants me on methimazole 10 mg & 15 mg on alternating days. My visions been real blurry in the last month, my right eye is protruding more but my eye drs dont sem to think its serious. All they recommended was lubricant eye drops, new prescription glasses, & CT scan on my bulging eye. Its been relly frustrting because the doctors dont seem to listen. I have told my primary doctor, eye doctor, & endocrinologist that im having trouble seeing to a point where i cant drive. Its becoming more of a nuisance than anything but no one can explain why im having blurred vision & what i can do about it so my vision can improve.
My sister found a specialist for me that deals with thyroid eye disease so i will keep you all posted after my apt on Monday.
Thanks for reading & hope to hear from you & many others who are having the same problems.