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hyperthyroidism and mood changes

From: deborah0206 - 8 years 44 weeks ago

My diagnosis came about 10 months ago. First it was anxiety and insomnia with irregular cycles, heart palpatations and weight gain. I was confused all the time and just felt like I was losing my mind. Things seemed to improve with time until recently.

My insomnia has not come back thank goodness but irregular cycles have started again and the weight never seems to come off. My body aches, vertigo occastionally and blurred vision.

My boyfriend and I have been noticing that over the last 6 months I have had more and more mood changes. I'm irritiable, anxiety, no sex drive at all. Just want to be left alone and have very little patience. Is there a pill that can help this? is this normal? Could it be my thyroid or have I just become a mean person?

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It is absolutely all in your thyroid and I am going through the same symptoms that you can read about here:

Just taking a pill will not solve the psychological manifestations, you must google "natural diets for hyperthyroidism" and this will help you greatly to keep your body off junk chemicals and improve your mood, also do a little exercise, meditate, and write it all in a diary to let it out and also plenty of sleep, it's normal to feel this way your body is under attack but with the right steps the irritability will go away...