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I'm new (hyperthyroid) and need help

From: tiffanybw - 9 years 12 weeks ago

First off, hi everyone! And nice to meet you. :)

I recently had blood work done because I've been having ongoing problems. I got a message on my answering machine saying that I have an overactive thyroid. So I've called and scheduled a follow up appointment. In the meantime, I am SO confused. My symptoms from most bothersome to least are as follows:

1. Weight Gain - Last year at this time I weighed 110 pounds. I've always been thin and have never had to worry about my weight. But I have been gaining like crazy since about September of 2011. Right now I'm at 135. And it seems no matter what I do my weight keeps going up.

2. Insomnia - I literally CAN'T fall asleep. I've tried everything with no luck. I usually end up sleeping every other night and even then, it's not a restful sleep.

3. Fatigue - Even though I can't fall asleep, I feel like I spend my days and nights in a fog because I am tired beyond belief. It's difficult for me to do simple things such as laundry, clean the house, run my kids around, and I'm in school also. I'm so tired that I feel as if I have no energy to do anything but lay around.

4. Anxiety and Depression - I was diagnosed with this when I was in my early 20's. And I've been on medicine for it most of my life. I get heart palpitations and then times when like my heart doesn't really feel like it's speeding but like it's beating really hard. It's difficult to describe but I guess not really heart rate but strong contraction. The heart contraction feels like it gets out of whack with the heart beat.

Anyways, with the symptoms I've been having, I thought maybe I was hypothyroid. But the lady on the answering machine said I have an overactive thyroid. I researched that and while many of my symptoms do seem to go along with it, I don't understand about my weight gain. From everything I read, I should be having weight loss, not gain. And this weight gain thing and not being able to lose it is driving me crazy!

Does anyone know why someone with overactive thyroid would gain weight and not be able to lose it? Also, from treatment options I have read, they usually do this radioactive thing and they kill your thyroid so it stops overproducing hormones. Problem is, since it kills your thyroid, you end not producing any hormones at all and so hypothyroid. And then have to be on medication the rest of your life. I really don't want to kill my thyroid or be on medicine forever. Not to mention that if I am having problems with weight now, I can't begin to imagine what will happen when I turn hypo from treatment. Are there any natural ways to fix this problem? Or ways that are not so drastic as to completely destroy your thyroid?

I feel a mess! Any and all help or advice is much appreciated.

Thank you,


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Good evening? Any progress? If you haven't nuked your thyroid yet, have you thought about going to see a Naturopath? In my personal experience they have a lot of options that you won't find in traditional medicine. And you can always go back to the pharmaceutical approach.

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I also share the symptoms that you have. I have had the blood test, thyroid numbers are normal but my thyroid glad is huge and has 11 nodules. I should be scheduled for a biopsy this week and will more than likely have my thy gland removed. The weight gain isn't my big problem, it's the lack of sleep. 5 montages ago, I literally could not sleep for 5 days. Which ended up with me being put in the hospital. Any progress on your issues?