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When I describe what I am going through to friends and family they are all asking the same thing, "Sounds glandular or your thyroid. Have you had your thyroid checked?"

Since the Fall (2011) I have felt extremely tired, hard to get up in the mornings and feel like I have no energy to do anything during the day.
My hair is shedding quite a bit (noticing handfuls when washing my hair)
My nails are quite thin, very broad now and will break or peel fairly quickly.
The back of my neck right at the base of my skull has tender spots that ache to varying degrees throughout the day (often getting worse if I eat anything with sugar)
Pain shooting from the sides of my neck into the back of my ears (varies as well and gets worse if I have eaten fatty foods or beef, eggs, cheese, pork or poultry)
Pain in my eyes, intermittent burning or dry feeling, with sometimes spontaneous watering when the burning gets bad.
Neck pain in the front near my adam's apple and radiates into my jawline and under my collarbone
I get very cold easily now when in the past I usually couldn't handle heat at all. Now I have my heater on when it's a 70 degree day.
I have no libido any more
Increased acne
Gastrointestinal issues where I cannot tolerate sugars, animal fats, oils, most meats (with the exception of whitefish) without increasing the pains listed above or getting pain in my stomach.

I have lost nearly 25 .lbs in 3 months due to the pain issues.

Is any of this familiar to anyone and who can I talk to to get my thyroid properly checked? Is it something (based on the symptoms above) where I need to get my thyroid checked out? If it is not a thyroid issue is it some other issue requiring an endocrinologist?

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Is this good advice?

In my opinion, a lot of your sypmtoms lead me to believe a thyriod issue. Espically the heater! I am running mine now and it is 77 degrees out!!!

Diagnosis. First I recommend you go to this website

and read, read, read. It has been very helpful to me. Get educated first in thyriod disorders and treatments. Tell your doctor whats going on and ask for the following tests. However, you are going to need to know how to read them. That's where the website comes in handy.

This site has recommended labwork:

Good luck!