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Salmon Good for Pregnant Moms

From: SheenaL - 7 years 6 hours ago

A recent study by researchers at the University of Granada shows that eating fish farm reared salmon twice a week has benefits for pregnant mothers and their babies by improving antioxidant defenses and increasing omega-3 fatty acid levels.

The study used salmon raised on a controlled diet that made them rich in omega-3 fatty acids and had high levels of vitamins A and E and selenium, and very low contamination.

A randomized sample of women who did not normally eat much fish was divided into two groups. The control group maintained their normal diet, while the Salmon group ate two servings of the “treated” salmon a week from week 20 of their pregnancy until delivery.

The researchers took base blood samples, and then again at 38 weeks of gestation, and again at labor. Blood samples were taken from the umbilical cord also.

Researchers found that omega-3 fatty acid concentration levels were improved in mothers and newborns by the women in the Salmon group. Researchers also concluded that that the improved levels of antioxidant defense could help prevent the additional oxidative stress that occurs during pregnancy.

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