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I have been sick off and on for years, fortunately able to work most of my life but now am unable to. My current symptoms/illness started about 3 and 1/2 yrs ago with extreme fatigue,daily nausea and metallic taste and general cloudy feeling. abruptly, 26 months ago, I ended up with emergency lumbar surgery and 20 days later emergency surgery-7 hrs on table due to major infections. I lost 50 pounds in 6 wks, most likely due to infection but also, most likely hyperthyroidism. My thyroid blood test always came back normal. during all my back recovery, I had experinced major headaches along with other symptoms common to several disorders, an MRI of cervical spine showed multiple thyroid nodules, thyroid blood test still normal. Biopsy done a few weeks later and pathologist stated "due to limited specimen received", could not be specific and recommended follow up later that yr, primary MD not concerned due to nodules being common. I still have daily nausea, weakness, extreme fatigue, insomnia, pain in hips and legs most likely due to messed up back (surgery x 7, crazy, but true, last 4 not elective),depression, anxiety, blurred vision(new onset), not so much heartburn but what I describe as difficulty swallowing, water even hurts at times, anyways, went to rural health, labs drawn and TSH low 0.261, B12 1900, Vitamin D low 23.1, put on methimazole 5mg three times daily, vitamin D 50,000 once weekly and told to stop B12 injections, have never taken B12 injections. The Dr did not order T3 or T4 levels. My grandmother passed at a young age of 34 due to multiple hormomal imbalances related to nonfunctioning Pituitary Gland. Anyone have any insight for me. What should I be requesting the MD to check, labs, sonagrams, etc. Thanks for any and all help.


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