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hyperthyroidism/graves disease

From: kylie7871 - 9 years 10 weeks ago

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hyperthyroidism at that stage they found multiple thyroid nodules.I tried several treatments over the years, Carbimazole & blockers but had a major reaction to these so my thyroids have been left untreated for 2.5yrs. Today i had my 15th Ct scan for the year & my 8th biopsy.There is a dominent predominantly cystic nodule in the upper portion of right lobe 3.2cm * 2.5cm.A heterorgenerous elongated nodule on the right side of thyroid isthmas. several smaller nodules. I have a minor displacement of the trachea to the left of the dominent nodule in the thyroid gland.right lobe is 4.7cm*3.2cm*3.1cm also. can anyone explain this to me in simple terms please...........

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