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Thyroid Resistance?

From: shiltyg - 6 years 9 weeks ago

I have been going thru HELL for 3 years now. 23 years ago I was diagonsed with graves and had RAI. I have been on 200 synthroid since. I had a test done Nov three years ago. In Dec. a trama. In Jan diagnosed t4 not converting to t3. I was put on armour and told to follow up with my endo. I went and say him he pulled me off armour and back on synthroid. Continued no feeling well cant remember cant talk sometimes. Then doctor told me I had myxedema madness. He pulled me off the antidepressants and the xnanx I was placed on. At this time my tsh was 166 and I was gasping for air at night and biting my tounge. 2 weeks ago my blood work was done. tsh 126.22 and t3/t4s all low. Friday i went to the er and I went from being severe hypo to severe hyper. I brought my blood work from 2 weeks prior to show them. They said they had never seen anything like this. Istayed in the hospital for the weekend. My blood pressure is down to 112/53 it has never been that low. I have no clue what is going on. I am seeking another doc and trying to get into UT southwestern. Any ideas or suggestions I welcome thank you

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