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Hi there I'm new to this site, I found this just trying to find answers and reading so many of your guys' posts I feel like I'm not crazy or"worrying too much" anymore.
I'm a 34 year old mom of two and I've been experiencing symptoms since October 2019 and perhaps years before this I'm not sure.
One day I was totally fine feeling no worries and all of a side I felt so dizzy I couldn't stand up, laying down made it worse, my throat feels like there was something stuck,my husband took me to the ER they did a cat scan and tested me for a UTI and nothing they sent me home with meclazine and said I had vertigo. Week or two later i started having ringing in ears and pain and worse feeling in throat like squeezing and felt fluttering like it was trying to close up, feeling like glands in neck were swollen and painful, Dr ordered an ultrasound on my thyroid and parotid gland, came back that I have nodules on both sides and a lesion on parotid gland, but my tsh level are "normal", my nose called me with results and said it could be Graves disease they want to wait six months and check again!!?? So I went in that day, Dr said it's not Graves disease and nodules are normal, never mentioned my parotid gland ( the only reason I know about it is because I asked for a copy of ultrasound results). I've asked for a second opinion from an endocrinologist and got yelled at by the referral lady in my Dr office, she read my file over phone and insisted i didn't need one. I went and got an MD second opinion and he suggests biopsy and heart ultra sound for palpitations, but said he "couldn't help me I just have to much going on" I'm so frustrated I'm not one to while about every lol thing for crying out loud I've been to the ER four times in four and a half months... That's not me, I'm worried and nobody is listening my Dr insists it's not my thyroid I've had outreach workers tell me the same thing when I thought they were there to help....
Anyways I'm having all these symptoms:
Feeling like band around throat
Glands swollen in neck, armpit and groin
Night sweats
Feeling cold always
Heart palpitations
High heart rate
Headaches turn migraines almost daily
Feeling like something stuck in throat
Extreme ear and sinus and Temple pressure
Feeling pressure in head when turning head in any direction
Feeling tired all the time
Irritability for no reason
I wake up most nights, all night
Thyroid issues room in my family as well
Couple years ago i lost so much weight I was accused of doing drugs, went from 250 to 170
Around same time my menstrual cycle went from 7 days to 3
Does anyone else experience all of this too? I'm so over feeling like this and being told I'm worrying too much.... Any suggestions on what to do to get some answers. Anything is appreciated thank you.

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I'm adding to my own post cause I had to hurry to get the last one posted before my kids before n I didn't find any edit button
And so my list goes on
More of my symptoms:
Hoarse voice
Pain around my collar bone
Loud ringing in ears
Sensitivity to light
Hearing heartbeat in my ears really loud
I spend days in bed being miserable
Did I mention I'm tired all the time....
Get too hot when finally warm
Foggy headed, forget things easily
Cramps in hands and feet
Dry hair, and thinning

I was in lithium for a couple months when this
started all of a sudden so I stopped talking it
even though I was advised to continue it

EGD showed inflamed esophagus
I also have
Vitamin d deficiency
High white blood cell count
High neutrophils
My nurse practitioner isn't addressing any of
these issues
even though she ordered the tests she says
she has no idea what's wrong but won't refer
me to anyone for thyroid cause she thinks I'm
Again thank you and any suggestions are hoped for
And I hope this might help anyone else as well.