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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

Graves disease and slightly hyper

From: - 25 weeks 1 day ago

Hi there, I am new here. I’ve had Graves’ disease for 5 years. It took my doctor a whole year to diagnose and I thought I was gonna die. My endo treated me with carbimazole, then wanted me to have radioactive iodine, but I resisted and I am so glad I did. I am still on a small dose of carbimazole and very happy with it. When I was diagnosed I felt terrible. As the tablets kicked in I started to be myself, but it got bad again. At the point where my endo wanted me to be with regards to my blood tests I just wasn’t me. I was tired my memory was poor brain fog weight gain. I started to experiment with the dose of methimazole and I discovered that I am at my best when my free t3 is roughly twice the upper limit of range (around 10-12). Even when my T3 is at the upper end of the range (say 6), I don’t function as a I should. I just wanted to share my experience and ask if there is anyone else out there who has felt the same.

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