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Hyperthyroidism=Graves disease

From: Sandra Sheppard - 2 years 10 weeks ago

My 38 year old son was diagnosed with Graves several years ago. The Methamazole treatment made him very ill and after adjusting dosages, had to stop taking it after 9 months. He struggles to keep weight on and keeps loosing, despite a good diet.
In addition, he gets chronic debilitating migraines, recently increasing, accompanied by nausea & vomiting.
We requested an MRI from his primary care physician and HE YELLED AT US! He was angry that we would dare question his diagnosis. I know there are good Drs out there, but my son hasn't had good experiences with them thus far. Still no approval from primary, even though my son is insured .

I am ANGRY that pharma, research & development have not developed any new medication(s), treatment for hyperthyroidism ! Methimazole is an old drug. Why aren't there any newer treatments?
Very frustrated and worried mom.

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