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What's wrong with me?

From: thisispurelyfor... - 2 years 20 weeks ago

Hi I'm a 20 yr old, thin, and frail girl. My whole life I've battled scoliosis, severe kyphosis, and moderate lordosis. I have two compressed discs in my lumbar spine causing sciatic pain and neuropathy. However I know the ups and downs of my conditions. Recently, about four months now, I've developed some real difficulty breathing. At first it was just that I couldn't breathe in as deep as I used to be able to. Then I started to struggle to catch my breathing almost every second of the day until I could finaly breathe in enough air only to feel blood rush into my head and suddenly I faint. I wake up unaware of what happened until someone that saw me explains and it comes back to me. I originally went to the ER when the breathing problems started. They gave me an EKG and an x-ra (to check blood clots). The first doctor to see me saw that I'm on venlafaxine for my bipolar disorder; thus, he went on to completely invalidate my reason for visiting the Emergency Room. Eventually he gave me my ELG results, explaining that my heart was beating abnormally but assured me it was "still nothing to worry about."
(Btw I should mention that thyroid problems run in my family. My mother had half of her thyroid surgically removed cause of hashimoto's thyroiditis. My uncle had his thyroid removed through radioactive iodine therapy cause of grave's disease. My grandpa had a serious cancer related thyroid problem that didn't get diagnosed until after his death unfortunately.)
After that I saw a new general physician and he tested for my TSH levels (T4 n T3) when he found out I'm also on Lithium. The results came in and he told me I have signs of over production of the T4 ad T3 levels, thus referring me to an endocrinologist. It took TWO MONTHS to get an appointment with the endo and she made me wait another month before actually testing it. Meanwhile, before I could even go to the endocrinologist I went back to the ER due to the severity of my symptoms. I feel like I'm undergoing a heart attack. My palpatations are uncomfortable, adrenaline is rushing through my body as if I'm on speed of aomething. My chest is in intense pain, my throat feels like its being closed by my LARGLY swollen lymph nodes. (All the nodes in my neck, armpits and clavical bone are swollen and tense but not painful. They kind of itch.) I can't stop crying because I literally feel like I'm being choked. When I force my head to look up, my throat and chest are so tight that it feels impossible even to lift my head let alone get some air into my lungs. If I do manage to take a breathe while my head is looking toward the sky I'll immediately lose my vision for atleast 5 seconds and then it slowly fades back. Somtimes I've fainted in that scenario.
Finally I was able to see my endocrinologist for an tra sound of my thyroid and an updated blood test. Apparently my blood tests were in normal range this time. During the ultra sound the doctor pointed out two separate cysts growing on my thyroid... which she said weren't big enough for her to worry about. Then she pointed out that my lymph nodes are extremely swollen and that it was odd but in the end she told me there was nothing she could do. No medicine, no answers. What is wrong with me??? Someone please help I am suffering so much I can't handle it anymore I need to know what's wrong. I had to quit my job because I can't even work anymore. I can't drive. I do NOT feel normal!!!

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