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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

Super Low TSH

From: mckensieschaef - 1 year 12 weeks ago

Hello! New to the world of Thyroid issues! I have been going through apt after apt.

1st apt was a Physical with my GP. (Oct-2017)
She must have felt something abnormal because after performing the swallow test, she asked me in a concerned tone "Go ahead and swallow again.."?
So we ordered lab work to be done on TSH, T3 & T4.
Received a call that my TSH was low.

2nd apt was an ultrasound on my thyroid. (Nov-2017) Results came back free and clear of nodules and/or cysts.

3rd apt was with an Endocrinologist, after my GP referred me out. (Dec-2017) This Endo is off putting, although maybe he is a joker and I am unable to find his word play in jest. For example, during my apt he reiterated that my ultrasound results were not abnormal. I replied "Yes, so no nodules or cysts" and he questions "What's that? What is a nodule"? Again - maybe he's a joker and I'm obviously paranoid about a problem that I may or may not have to deal with throughout the remainder of my life!
He suggests that I have blood work done again on my levels and said we would meet after to determine what my method of treatment would be, if any.

My apt with him is January 8th, 2018 but I have already received my results from the lab via mail. My results were the following:

TSH: 0.058 Ref. Range: .045-4.500 Flag:L
T4, Free(Direct): 1.79 Ref. Range: 0.82 - 1.77 Flag:H
T3, Total: 137 Ref. Range: 71-180

I delivered my second son last year in June and during my pregnancy experienced gestational diabetes, low platelets and immediately following his delivery, I came down with a four week case of Bells Palsy. (Not sure if any of that information is important, but figured it was worth mentioning!)

Now, within the last week I have been experiencing heart palpitations, but assumed it was due to Christmas stress per the norm. But after reading on low TSH I see the correlation.
What is the usual go-to (for lack of a better term) for someone, such as myself, on such a low TSH side?

Side notes: I've always been thin, but oddly, am on the heavier side of my "norm" even though evidence suggests HYPERthyroid. 110 prior to children and now 120-125 after 2 children.

I'm a former cigarette smoker and I usually drink my glass of wine nightly and smoke MJ daily.

Any advice would be helpful!


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