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Hyperthyroidsm / graves disease

From: Cnorth1114 - 4 years 2 weeks ago

Please help, I was diagnosed with GD in 2007 I had iodine treatment in 2008 , I also have Pre Myxedema since 2010 and now in March 2017 diagnosed with Hyperthyroidsm I'm been very sick in hospital twice this year the palpitations are very bad my chest feels like a heart attack, any advice or information would help , I want my life back , Doctor told me my Tsh levels are normal however I still feel so sick. Thanks

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any chronic illness can be very frustrating adding to your stress that is feeding this disease. I'm not a doctor or nurse or have any experience in the health field. However, I've had lots of success dealing with illness (cancer) through alternative medicine. For you - may I recommend - meditation. Yup, meditation. Google the benefits of meditation - you will be surprised. There are many courses you can take by trained practitioners - but it's very simple. It just needs patience and time - and before you know it, it will make a world of difference to you.
Sit up-right in a chair in a dimply lit room/not darkness, nothing crossed, hands on knees. Relax. Stare at an object in front of you...for example a door knob, spot on wall etc. Now close your eyes and focus on the following...or try each one and decide what works best for you. Have no noise in the background, but light classical or new age music played at a very low volume is ok. First way: Start at your toes, think about them totally relaxed, now move to your arches, then ankles, then your shins, then your knees until you reach your head - think relax relax - repeat again if necessary slowing down the process each I'm thinking of the hair on my legs, the vein etc. Or focus and concentrate on your breath - in and out, in and out - breathing from your nose and into the depths of your stomach, exhale, breath in.... Or focus on a rose - the petals are opening one by one, then closing one by one. Or think of a single or double syllable word that is kind such as "humming" or "mending" it's called a mantra - practice this 2x per day for 20 minutes each day or once a day to start - doesn't matter the time. The reason for focusing on different stuff (only use one technique at a time) is to quiet your brain, your thoughts. When you first begin all sorts of "other" thoughts and ideas or memories will come into your brain...try and forget, just think about your breath or the flower petals. The more you do this - the easier it becomes and you'll find the thoughts zooming in out will be controlled so they don't bother or upset you. But as all good things it takes time - possibly weeks or even months...but stick to it. Google or look on You Tube for other techniques. Or it you are capable - go for a brisk walk, do not run. Listen to classical music (google the benefits of listening to classical music). You need a minimum of 12 full minutes to feel the benefits of walking...but half hour is best. Don't try to over do if this is if not your exercise routine...don't get frustrated, don't run - just walk breathing through your nose. It takes doing something for 3 weeks to form a habit. If you fall off the wagon - just get right back on. Anyway - this is a no drug therapy -
it helps and is used for managing stress - stress is often a contributor to an over active Thyroid and excess cortisol in your system that causes belly fat. Also, stop with the diet pop, sugar/sugary foods including white bread and rice - all caffeine past noon. Drink pure water. Evian is delicious. Eat whole foods, not processed. Eat clean as they say - have an apple!
Follow doctors orders and stay on their meds prescriptions - but practice the above because it won't interfere - you'll just feel better and sleep better. And after perhaps 3 months of sincerely doing this, you'll start to feel so much better and maybe able to look at other drug therapy or lessen it. Good luck.