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Are there any natural ways to calm the thyroid down?

From: Kathlaf - 4 years 13 weeks ago

I was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease. I was prescribed 30 mg methimazole and had a bad allergic reaction with hives, itching and shortness of breath. I called the endocrinologist who did not even want to see me. Just said to take Benadryl and prescribed PTU. I had the same type of reaction to the second medicine and now I am told that the only option is to burn out the thyroid using radioactive iodine. I do not like this suggestion. I will then by hypothyroid and need to take medication for the rest of my life. It will be exchanging one problem for another. Does anyone know of any homeopathic or natural cures to calm the thyroid down?

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Hi Kathlaf,

So glad you asked and are not settling with the doc's suggestion without further review. There are a lot of factors in any thyroid condition and I am not here to prescribe; however, with my clients I can tell you that you will need to reduce inflammation and antibodies that your thyroid may be producing. Selenium is an antioxidant that you need to increase glutathione in the body, your master antioxidant. This will reduce antibodies greatly, as will Serrapeptase, an enzyme that dissolves fibroid activity and inflammation due the body's increased inflammatory markers/activity. You usually cannot go wrong with this duo. It is not the only answer for your situation, but we would need to discuss further in a practitioner/client relationship. I don't want to violate any terms or policies here and am just giving my professional advice. Not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. I'm sure you understand :). There are also herbs to help decrease thyroid activity. I can also tell you that gluten is a monster for thryoid protein (as well as the gut) and is largely responsible for much of the inflammation most people produce. I am here if you need help. Just check out my profile to get in touch.