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Lost and Confused

From: Henrisgirl - 4 years 20 weeks ago

I'm 45 years old, I have low TSH for almost 10 years now but was asymptomatic. Last fall I started having symptoms so I went to see my family doctor and I saw my endo beginning of February and she sent me for some blood work.

Here the results of some of my tests:

TSH .55 range .32-4 mIU/L
FT3 4.6 range 3.1-6.2 pmol/L
RT3 20 range 8-25 ng/dL
FT4 12 range 9-19 pmol/L
Thyroglobulin antibody 11 range <40 kIU/L
Thyroperoxidase Antibody <10 range <35 kIU/L
Prolactin 28.2 range 5.0-27 ug/L
cortisol am 457 range 135-537 nmol/L
transglutaminase Ab IgA negative
endomysial antibodies negative
nuclear antibody positive
vitamin b12 493 range 138-652 pmol/L
ferritin 31 range 5-272 ug/L

*waiting for results from TRAb to come in

My symptoms include:
heart palpitations
hair loss
low blood pressure
cold intolerance
difficulty concentrating
brain fog
joint and muscle pain/weakness
mood swings
bowel changes
low libido
dry skin and sometimes itchy
eyebrows at the outer edge are non existent
weight loss

Can anyone help me?

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Is this good advice?

I will tell you that my graves is caused by aspertame (nutrasweet, equal, and a hundred other names). It has been verified by my endro. If you are using anything with aspertame in it, stop now. Use Stevia if you need low cal.

My dr said he was going to try a different method to resolve the issue and prescribed propylthiouracil to shut down my thyroid and used Armor thyroid to supplement after levels have dropped. Eventually, (about 1 year) I stopped all medications and everything is in the normal range. My dr saved my thyroid by this method.

If the photosensitivity hasn't hit yet, you are blessed.

I say this knowing that I had no nodules or tumors on my thyroid. But I am completely sympathetic with you.