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39 year old male thyroid, acting very out of normal.

From: abbydawnlynn - 4 years 20 weeks ago

Hello everyone,
Before I start I put this under all the thyroid topics because i'm not sure what is going on.

I'm not even sure where to start with this discussion. At the start of December 2016 my boyfriend (39years old) went into the clinic to get his annual lab work, when it came back it showed his TSH was 0.2, however at that time he was battling strep throat and so the doctor wanted him to come back and get it checked. He had been acting odd for several weeks beforehand and then on Christmas night he sends me a text saying that he is leaving and that he just doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore. Talk about being devastated we were currently trying for a child and planning possibly having a wedding at some point. Then a week after that he says that he was wrong and that he wants to work everything out. We spend New Year’s Eve together no issues and the week following was great we were cautious but still working good on everything. On January 4th he got his levels tested again and then on January 8th he came home from a night shift and says that he just is happy it’s not working out and he is leaving for us to try a trial separation. He went to work that night and didn't come back. He went to co-workers house to sleep and came and got his stuff while I was at work.
He got his results after he moved out and he called me to say that "my thyroid is still shit." He never gave me levels, but said his T3 is a big issue so they are going to do a nuclear scan on his thyroid and that he might have graves’ disease. I tried to ask more questions but he became very defensive and started getting pissed with me over everything that I said which isn't really like him. We have had tiffs in the past but nothing that was not workable. So now he has moved to a cabin at a campgrounds then a week after that he calls and says he has no interest in working this out and its over completely. He wouldn't listen to anything I say he just keeps telling me he isn't happy and when I asked what is making him so unhappy he lost it and started raising his voice and saying it’s not there get over it. However he does plan to keep me informed on his thyroid. Which has a nuclear scan scheduled today. He had to go yesterday to take iodine pills to get the test done. While we are talking he tells me that he is dating some woman that I have never heard her name before. I’m just at a lost he is acting very bazar.
Now while I understand you can’t blame thyroid for everything does this sound rational to anybody at all? Could this be his thyroid making him act weird with being irrational and mood swings that have caused him to literally walk out the door without a real explanation and not even trying after all this time? He is not acting as the man I met and have known for this long. I’m prepared to accept it if it is not his thyroid but I am at a lost right now and everything I read is about how it affects women’s moods not how it effects men’s moods.

Thank you to anyone who can give me insight to this.

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Is this good advice?

You have read about how thyroid issues effect womens moods. It does not differentiate between the sexes. But it does differentiate between individuals - some people have virtually no symptoms, physical or emotional; many have relatively strong and distinct changes, some, a few, have radical effects which can lead to divorce, employment loss, alienation from friends and loss of family and so on. Sorry I am unable to give you the 'insights' you seek, but it does sound like much of what you are experiencing with your husband may well be thyroid linked. Medications also have very individual outcomes, although those on whole organic extract do seem to do far better than those on synthetic varieties. I hope to trial the organic stuff soon having been on synthetic for 4 years now since the removal of my diseased thyroid and have found it 'wanting'. I want my life back and evidence indicates this will help.