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Pregnancy and Graves

From: ninajade - 3 years 31 weeks ago

Hello all, your help and comments here will be gratefully received as I'm currently going out of my tiny mind....
I'm 9 weeks pregnant - this was an accident (nothing is ever truly an accident, I know) as I didn't really think I could get pregnant. I'm 37, I've been diagnosed with Graves for 6, nearly 7 years now. I'm in my first trimester and have been told that my chances of miscarriage are extremely high due to both age and condition.
I'm currently so, so angry and irritable. It's devastating. I want to get out of the car and drag bad motorists out of their vehicles to shout at them, I've told a load of my friends to 'go away' (desperately trying not to swear) and moreover, the future Daddy - who is kind, supportive, loving and just an all round nice guy, I can't stand to be around. I don't want him to touch me, to come near me and I don't even want to really be in the same room as him, which is going to be tough as we are going to move in together....
To give you some brief background, he is not someone that I wanted a long term relationship with, he is more of a friend with occasional benefits than a lover and he is a bit needy, which I'm not a fan of really. I came out of a long term fairly abusive relationship with someone who stole from me and pushed me to verge of a mental breakdown as I had severe graves symptoms, a number of family stresses from brother going to prison and father being diagnosed as bi polar. I just wanted to have the company of someone I could trust – I can trust him. But there are lots of things that bug me about him but those things have been exasperated by both pregnancy and the idea that I'm going to be spending a lot more time with him soon.
The thing is, he is a nice guy and super supportive but I just don't want to be around him right now - in fact I also want to tell him to 'go away'..... But I want him to be around as I know this won't be an easy run for me emotionally as a result of graves and I’ll need the support of a loving man to ensure that I’m/we’re able to bring a healthy child into the world who is loved and adored.

I know the above is because in the first trimester I produce hormones for the baby and me, so there are a lot of hormones going on!! I know that I have to change my lifestyle, I am constantly starving (and angry when hungry) and I'm so so tired. But all these things are manageable, I just want some help controlling my mood, calming myself down and being able to hold his hand without wanting to punch him in the face.

Please help.

Yours angrily - not violently but teetering on the verge of it


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Hi N,

Fortunately for you,there is a lot you can do to support your body during your pregnancy. I feel for you - I know how the first trimester hormones can affect your mood! Are you taking meds for the Graves? You need to reduce the inflammation and antibodies likely being produced by your thyroid. Serrapeptase and Selenium are excellent for this as well as general health and are safe during pregnancy. I am not giving you medical advice to replace your doctor's; however, I am a practitioner and am telling you from personal and professional use as well. Go to my profile and get in touch with me. I can help.