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Life after radioactive iodine

From: kristen1230 - 3 years 35 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Graves disease three years ago. I began having thyroid storms and was placed on beta blockers. Eventually my doctor treated me with the radioactive iodine.
Prior to the treatment I was approximately 100 lbs. I am now 165 lbs. I have tried multiple things and I cannot seem to lose weight. I have taken Synthroid since I became hypothyroid, but the mg have changed quite a bit.
I have also struggled with eye issues, skin problems, hair lose, and mood swings. I have also felt extremely tired and foggy frequently.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Is this good advice?

hair loss-sorry

Is this good advice?

My wife also had her thyroid removed and was given Synthroid to substitute. She gained 20+ pounds and was miserable. I researched Armour thyroid and was convinced that it could be better. My wife switched and lost her weight and is much, much happier.

My sister has gone through the same thing and is also on Armour. She loves it.

You will get a bunch of flac from your dr saying to you 'why do you want something from a pig in your body.' That is a bunch of crap. we use pig valves in the heart and skin for burn victims and I would rather have something organic rather than synthetic.

If you wish to switch, be firm. There are plenty of drs that will prescribe it.