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Positivity needed

From: vessfrye - 4 years 31 weeks ago

I am not sure I am going to say anything that hasn't been said before. I am a 30 year old, formerly fit and active man. I dropped 15 pounds in a few months and have developed every symptom for hyperthyroidism under the sun. The worst, by far, are the mental degradation and crushing depression. Over the last year I went from being outgoing and fun to isolating myself and rarely finding enjoyment in anything. I started seeing a therapist for depression and taking antidepressants. Nothing helped. It wasn't until my fiancee said she couldn't take it anymore and left that I had bloodwork done. My tests were not overwhelmingly hyper-leaning, but every typical symptom is there. My few questions are these: Is it possible that I have had this for much longer than when the major signs showed up? There are no stories of people's lives getting better. Does it get better? And how long does it take? I need positive reinforcment. It seems like people that have never experienced this things think I am making excuses for being a jerk and miserable. Thanks.

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It does get better, please have faith. Mindfulness, accupuncture, the love of people who understand, rest and a good box set every now and then to distract you are things that helped me. When it was really bad I smoked cannabis as well but I can't reccomend that obviously.....