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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

13 year old with Graves

From: DREESER - 3 years 45 weeks ago

My daughter was diagnosed with Graves last year at the age of 13. Since then, she is still having most of the symptoms, despite being on methimazole, My question...this hit her during puberty. Once she is stable,,,will she continue to grow? Also, the drs just told us to keep the idea of surgery as an option, as her levels just are not consistent. Any other 14 year olds out there that have had this done? Thanks

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Is this good advice?

If no one can answer this...does anyone know on which site I can go where people will respond? Thx

Is this good advice?

My daughter was recently diagnosed with graves in June. Today is Sept 16th. While the methimazole has finally controlled her thyroid levels she is still plagued with many symptoms. In less then 3 weeks she will be having the surgery to remove her thyroid. Between the acute abdominal pains, rapid heart beat, buldging eyes, enlarged thyroid, tiredness, and now out of control anxiety/ stress.
From what I understand is you are on the mess for about one yr then the Drs wean you off. You have about 60% chance of graves returning but with the constant signs of the symptoms I believe your % goes up. Because our daughter has many of these symptoms that are beginning to interfere with her school we have opted for the surgery. This was NO EASY decision considering she will have @3 inch scar on her neck. Personally I'm not worried about the growing as she is taller then me at 5'6". I am worried about her social interaction until her scar fades. My guess is regardless of your daughters size as long as she has the thyroid under control or should she get the surgery and then controlled by meds she will continue to grow ..... I am no dr but just a mom that is doing a lot of reading and talking. I hope this helps a little. Best of luck with your daughter.