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Graves Disease and Counteracting Weight Loss

From: redbird - 7 years 34 weeks ago

Hi Everyone. After my boyfriend started to quickly lose weight we took him to the doctor and found out that he has Grave's disease. He was never a very heavy guy (6'2, 160) so losing all this weight is scary to both of us and our families. He is at about 130 pounds right now.

He started taking methimazole (20mg twice a day) a couple weeks ago but from everything we read it could take 6-8 weeks for his body to start to settle down. Even since beginning the medication he has lost another couple pounds.

He eats really healthy most of the time, and in the past couple of months he has tripled his consumption while maintaining a balanced diet. Yesterday he started taking some nano-vitamins in hopes that it would help his body get enough of what it needs, since we aren't sure how much he is actually getting a chance to absorb from normal food.

Out of desperation we bought some Ensure Plus and high calorie high protein energy bars to supplement his normal intake as well.

I'm really hoping that someone on the forum has some insight into whether there is something else we should be doing as far as diet or even just to let us know if they have experience with how long it typically takes for the medication to kick in and take over.

We have another appointment towards the end of May where they will check on him and get a sense of what his thyroid levels are. Should we be having that appointment sooner?

Sorry if this is a lot of questions it is just so hard for me to watch him disappearing before my eyes. In addition to the weight loss being hard on him physically it is also really hard because his work doesn't understand and makes comments about drug abuse. This is a guy that used to take his shirt off and get a tan and now hes long sleeve and pants to cover up the bones.

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Hi, i have been diagnosed with graves disease recently. i was down about 25 pounds over a month, but have been able to keep it at that. i eat 4-5 meals a day right now and include a lot of soy based products, brocolli, turnips, kale, yellow onions and there are a few more foods that naturally work to keep the thyroid levels in check. you will need to look that up. I am also working out a lot and am putting on muscle weight. this is not easy, but your boyfriend would need to listen to his body to tell him when he could work out. I would also consider the radio active iodine treatment. The pills that he is taking really only work about 25% of the time after you get off them after 24 months. I don't know if he has seen an endocrinologist or not, but my family dr. wanted to put me on some pills and the specialist was the one who told me that they usually do not solve the problem. He would need to go through a thyroid scan and uptake test to check for nodules, but that is the way i am going. The specialist also recommended a Beta Blockers prescription (helps slow the heart rate and metabolism down) to me and i found that when i take one of these at night, i only loose about 2-3 pounds over night compared with 5-7 if i didn't take it. Best of luck and hang it there!

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I was diagnosed with Graves back in 99 and it did take about 2-4 months before the weight loss slowed down. However, I was put on a combination of Methimazole and Atenolol,which helped significantly but I still continued to have flucuations with my weight and all of the symtoms that come with Graves until I had the radioactive iodine done in 2003. I hope that this helps some

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