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Just diagnosised w/graves

From: Willamena - 9 years 19 weeks ago

Hello everybody... so is there a dietary plan that one can do to help in any way? Just wondering if there are foods that I should not be eating, or foods that I should.

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Hi there I too have just recently been diagnosed with Graves (within the last month) but haven't felt good for a long time. I've been on medication for 3 weeks but still don't feel well. I still have the rapid heart beat. I don't know but I'm just learning about the symptoms its all so new to me.

Is this good advice?

there are a few foods that work naturally to keep your thyroid levels and soy based products (if you like GMO, broccoli, kale, yellow onions, turnips. i can't remember the few more. Check into a Beta Blockers prescription, they help lower your heart rate and metabolism.
hang in there!