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Feel angry, chest hurts a lot, and have no patience :(

From: Littlenola - 7 years 1 week ago

Was diagnosed with graves. Lost health insurance due to huge rate increase. Can't qualify for medicaid. Can't afford blood work, and I literally feel like I am going crazy! I know my hyperthyroidism is way put of control. One of my eyes is bulging, and I am on edge always! Don't know what to do. I have left over methimazole, but how do I know if I am taking too much or too little? I can't afford tonsee an endo right now! I literally am crying imam so stressed. Thus world is killing me! On top of everything I am losing my hair! I was diagnosed with slipshod areata too, and my eczema is flaring up, I feel like I am falling apart while losing my mind.

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Sorry for the mis-spelling, between auto check and using my smart phone, I sound like a moron.

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I feel your pain. Last March 2010 I had a heart attack due to a "Thyroid Storm" found out I have Graves disease.This all happened eight days after losing one of the best health insurances there is. So, not only was I stressed,hyper,irritable, I now had an $80,000 hospital bill and no ins.This Christmas I had another Tyroid storm no sleep for 7 days/nights! This is a very frustrating condition. I am on Tapazole and Beta blockers.Can you call your doctor and ask how much of the methimazole you should be taking? Best wishes!

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Thanks Cheryl, I have left over beta blockers from my pregnancy, I wonder if I should take them? Hmm need to find a cheap endo and lab, ha!

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