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Can an ablated thyroid start functioning again?

From: Sue89502 - 4 years 47 weeks ago

Hello, everyone:
Can a thyroid that has undergone RAI ablation, and presumably "died," become active again? I suspect that mine has started coming back to life - like a zombie thyroid or undead thyroid or soemthing.

I keep getting recurring HYPERthyroid symptoms despite the doc lowering my Synthroid meds each time a lab confirms that I am hyperthyroid.

So, I was wondering if something else is wrong, or if my thyroid is slowly coming back to life, a little part at a time?

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2 Responses

Is this good advice?

I've read that it can regrow. Have you had any tests to see since you posted?

Is this good advice?

Hi! Sorry for the long delay in responding.
The only tests my provider has done is TSH, FT3 and Ft4 every 6 months, at my insistent. The Ft3 and Ft4s are always in the normal range. The TSH would fluctuate, depending if I am on 112mcg (then become hypothyroid but with occasional HYPERthyroid symptom flare-ups) or 125mcg (then I'd have consistent, constant Hyperthyroid symptoms.) They just switched me to 125mcg 3 months ago, and the insomnia, hunger and frequent BM kicked in within 6 weeks. Now, am not sleeping 4-5 nights in a row, then crash for 12 hours. Leg cramps have increased. Worse of all is the high resting heart rate at 120bpm. Can't sleep when my heart keeps pounding at that rate. Am developing mild chest pain and irregular beats as a result.