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Graves to Hypothyroidism

From: floridagirl75 - 10 years 49 weeks ago

My brother had Graves disease about 6 years ago. He had his thyroid removed and has been on replacement therapy. We lives far away and we are not very close but did have a nice visit together a few months ago. Then a couple of days ago he lashed out on me on the phone and it made no sense at all. When I spoke to our mom, she had contacted him to see what was going on. When they spoke he also went on about stories from growing up that didn't make any sense and were completely twisted. We were able to contact someone who sees him regularly and they only noticed weight gain. Our mother contacted his doctor (sports medicine doc not endocrinologist) but they only said his levels were normal (4 months ago) and he is on Levothyroxine. I spoke with him again and the stories are completely false, not to mention the explanations are completely unorganized. He is worried we think he is crazy & won't consider that he might be hypothyroid. Any advice?

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I was also diagnosed with Graves Disease and had radio-isotope therapy leaving me with no thyroid and beginning replacement therapy. I am also now on levothyroxine. I can only speak from my own experience, but I have had bouts of abnormal irritability and anger both while my thyroid was extremely overactive, and now if I miss my medicine while it is no longer active at all. They often coincide with monthly hormone fluctuations, but that wouldn't be the case with your brother. Has he suffered with depression or anything of that nature in the past? I can really say from experience that thyroid hormone levels can really do a number on your mind. It becomes difficult to remember, think clearly, and your ability to tolerate certain things is severely decreased. I thought I was going insane before I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Whether or not your brother's issues are thyroid related, he really needs to talk to someone. How old is he? If the stories he is telling are completely false, then he is suffering from delusions, and that is can be a sign of many mental disorders. Are you absolutely sure his stories are false, not just exaggerated? I will be praying for him. Is there anyone else he is close to who could talk to him about what he is feeling that he might open up to without lashing out?