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I'm currently on my third round of treatment for hyperthyroidism. I've been treated for 2 year rounds twice and am currently almost a year in to my 3rd round. My levels are under control according to my blood work (I'm taking methimazole), but I have lost some weight over the last 4 months (8 pounds). Over the last 2 ish weeks, I have lost 5 lbs in quick succession. The only time I lost weight due to hyperthyroidism was when I had a relapse, and once back on medication, stayed consistent until I was off treatment and relapsed again. I was eating and exercising more 4 months ago, and am eating and exercising less now. I think that that shouldn't cause too much of a change in weight, but I could be wrong. Otherwise, there haven't been any other changes in my lifestyle that could have caused the weight loss.

I have gone in for blood work to check for a couple of things as a precautionary step (diabetes [it runs in the family], liver conditions, etc. ). Should I be concerned or is this completely normal?

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