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Think My Doctor Has Misdiagnosed me with Graves Disease

From: nadianatasha34 - 4 years 13 weeks ago

Last week my doctor diagnosed me with Graves Disease. However, the problem is she didn't have me finish all the required testing to be 100% positive. I had an ultrasound that showed had no nodules, but showed hyperactivity and in the notes it said consisted with Hashimotos Thyroiditis , but not Graves Disease. I was scheduled to take a thyroid uptake/scan but my doctor said I did not need it. She said based on my blood work levels and ultrasound alone she could say Grave disease. However, the problem I have with this diagnosis is that no one in my family has this disorder, and ever since she prescribed me 10mg of methimazole to take 3 times a day I feel like shit (excuse my language) is this normal?? Besides my blood test and a barely noticeable hand tremor I have no symptoms of Graves Disease. Also, when began this medicine started to get chest pain. She also old me diet has nothing to do with Graves Disease. Researched and although rarely chest pain is a symptom of this medicine, but when talked to my doctor she told me chest pain is not a symptom. My TSH levels were less than 0.01, Free T4 level was 4.8, and Freee T3 was 1994 PG/DL, an my antibody count came back as positive with 225.4 IU/ML. Is it possible this could be another problem with my Thyroid and not Graves disease, or problem in which need help managing my hormone levels instead???

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