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Sorry in advance for the long post but could really use some help or advice as I am running out of options.

I am a 31 year old active (above average shape) male that has had the following symptoms for over 4 years (ranked in order of severity):

1. Extreme Fatigue/Lethargy
2. Cold Hands/Feet/Lower Legs
3. Muscle Stiffness and Joint Pain
4. Brain Fog (short term memory)
5. Random Muscle Twitches

I went to my first doctor in May 2012 complaining of the above symptoms. My doctor did a full metabolic panel (including TSH) and all results were deemed OK (TSH results below).

TSH - 0.34 - 5.60 u[iU]/mL
5/12 - 1.59
3/13 - 2.05
8/15 - 1.59
2/16 - 1.67
6/16 - 0.97

I had subsequent full metabolic panels on the same above dates in addition to the TSH testing and none of the results were flagged. The problem is that my symptoms have continued to get worse over the last couple years. My twin boys were born on 11/21/13 and one of them was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism (he is doing amazing) at birth and will most likely be on Levothyroxine (sp) for life. My mom also has Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism).

I finally decided to switch doctors in 2016 and have done more testing to try and figure out what is causing my symptoms. My new doctor thinks an autoimmune disease but nothing conclusive. However, about 2 weeks ago I went to get my hair cut and my barber noticed the back of my head (neckline) was thinning. She told me to go to my doctor as she had another client with similar symptoms as mine that ended up having thyroid issues. So today I had a full thyroid screen done and got the below results:

Thyroid Screen (Reflex FT4 if TSH <.34 or >4.5)
TSH - 0.97 (0.34 - 5.60 u[iU]/mL)
Free T3 - 2.98 (2.50 - 3.90 pg/mL)
Thyroxine Free - 0.71 (0.61 - 1.12 ng/dL)

My new doctor said my ranges are all normal for the above results. However, after doing research online I believe that both my TSH and T4 are low which could indicate hypothyroidism. Can anyone offer some advice or point my in the right direction.

**As soon as I added the thinning hair to the above symptoms thyroid seemed to be the main culprit. I was really hoping I would hear that I had a thyroid problem so I could start treatment and get to feeling better. I cant believe I was actually disappointed today when I was told everything was "normal".

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