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4 Months on Meds - from TSH 0.01 -> TSH 9.19!

From: 111wpm - 2 years 25 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease a few months ago (lab tests, thyroid scan, etc). Here were my first results:

Feb 16 2016
TSH - <0.01
T4 Free - 54.8

I was put on 5mg of methimazole three times a day, and within a few weeks started feeling a lot better. Now, four months later I went in for another blood test:

June 10 2016
TSH - 9.19
T4 Free - 6.9
AM Cortisol - 530

Is it normal to fluctuate so much with TSH lab results? Am I over-medicated? My specialist has a crazy long waiting list, so I'm going for my next check up in August. I've also been gaining weight over the past month, past what I lost when I was really suffering from Graves.

Any insight would be much appreciated. :)

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I had hyper but once I started seeing a specialist, she immediately stopped my methimazole since it started going towards hypo. I was pretty much in between when I started seeing her. I was on methimazole for about 3 months then I switched to see a specialist and she made me go cold turkey the first time I saw her since she said my PCP, basically was over medicating me.

Waiting until August is a long wait time considering how these meds can go from hyper to hypo. When she took me off my meds she just kept taking blood work every 3 weeks and watched it bounce back to normal.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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